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TOKYO IKEN CO., LTD. is a medical device manufacturer whose main products include the Superlizer infrared radiator intended for pain relief and healing of wounds.
The Superlizer is a phototherapeutic device that uses linearly polarized near infrared light to produce spot irradiation in the light wavelength band with the greatest living depth proficiency, and provides a high 2,200 mW level of power output.
The Superlizer has been adopted in all university hospitals in Japan and is highly appraised, with 20,000 units having been shipped in Japan and 5,000 units to a total of 12 other countries.
The Superlizer is available for both human and animal health care. In addition, we offer SonoCure?an ultrasonic surgical device-as a medical device for animals.

Main products

Superlizer (For human use)

(For human use)

Light therapy device

This is a phototherapeutic evice with a maximum output of 2,200 mW and safety features.
It is used to relieve pain and improve blood low by point travel irradiation of muscles and erves

Superlizer (For human use)

Superlizer mini PRO
(For human and animal use)

Light therapy device

This is a compact and lightweight infrared therapy device and specialized for the manual operated hand held therapy.
Deep penetration into the human body by near infrared and 2,500mW maximum output power.

SonoCure(For animal use)

(For animal use)

Ultrasonic surgical device

This provides minimally invasive performance of treatments or surgery on delicate animals, such as tissue disruption, emulsification, suction, and bone cutting.

Superlizer Hyper- 5000A2(For animal use)

Superlizer Hyper-5000A2
(For animal use)

Light therapy device

This device allows performance of advanced phototherapy on animals, providing a high output value of up to 5,000 mW.

Superlizer Hyper- 5000A2(For animal use)

Superlizer LED Hyper
(For animal use)

LED Light therapy device

Allows performance of LED phototherapy on delicate animals at a maximum output of 5,000 mW without causing any associated pain.

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The Superlizer promotes improvement of blood flow through spot irradiation at a compound wavelength, providing light with the greatest living depth proficiency at a maximum output of 2,200 mW.
The Superlizer is not invasive or painful, but provides pleasant stimulation or a warming sensation, similar to that experienced with acupuncture or moxibustion.
Patients with drug allergies, elderly people, and patients with hemorrhagic or other diseases for whom nerve block is not suitable can undergo Superlizer treatment as an alternative adjuvant therapy to stellate ganglion block (SGB).
The device is easy to use, and is said to achieve almost the same level of effect as the injection of a local anesthetic (nerve block).
(Said to have 60% to 70% of the effect of nerve block.) Since advanced medical technology is not required, local irradiation can be performed by a nurse under the supervision of a doctor.

Stellate ganglion block and Light therapy

About Stellate ganglion block

The stellate ganglion is like an acupuncture point at which the sympathetic nerves controlling the head, face, neck, upper limbs, chest, heart, bronchi, lungs, etc. are gathered. Stellate ganglion block (SGB) therapy affects the hypothalamus, which is the center of the autonomic nervous system, and relieves systemic sympathetic tension.

Position of stellate ganglion
Stellate ganglion block (SGB)
Stellate ganglion light therapy (SGL) (Superlizer)

The Superlizer provides photoirradiation therapy, and is therefore largely free of the pain, invasion, side effects, and complications associated with conventional nerve block using a needle.
The Superlizer is effective as a non-invasive, safe adjunctive therapy for stellate ganglion block (SGB).
Note: The Superlizer is suitable for patients with drug allergies, elderly people, and patients with hemorrhagic or other diseases for whom nerve block is not suitable.

Therapeutic effect by treatment device by SUPERLIZER

The Superlizer is used in various medical fields.

The Superlizer is used in various medical fields.

About Stellate ganglion block

Inflammatory pain, trauma (after acute period)
Sedation of pain or muscle spasms resulting from sprains, bone fractures, tenosynovitis, or deep ligament injuries
Arthritis and rheumatism
Rheumatoid arthritis and periarthritis of the shoulder
Skin diseases
Chronic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne, skin ulcers, and herpes zoster
Oral surgery region
Temporomandibular arthrosis and masticatory syndrome
Raynaud disease, post-stroke shoulder hand syndrome, cervix‐shoulder arm symptoms, whiplash injuries, muscle-contraction headaches, stiff shoulders, gonarthrosis, alopecia areata, sudden deafness, facial paralysis, postherpetic neuralgia, autonomic disorders, etc.
Example of irradiation to cervical region
Example of irradiation to skin disease
Example of irradiation to lumbar region
Example of irradiation to elbow

SonoCure (Veterinary ultrasonic surgical device)

  • SonoCure is an ultrasonic surgical device for animals.
  • It provides a safe and minimally invasive means of performing tissue disruption, emulsification and suction, and can also be used for advanced surgery such as bone cutting.
  • SonoCure is an all-in-one system which provides water supply, tissue disruption and suction all in one unit.
  • The tip can be selected and replaced according to symptoms and region of interest.

Excellent operability as well as sophisticated design

Tip Variation

A Compact and light handpiece with high crushing strength has been adopted. Variation of six different tips for use in soft tissue, bone and hard tissue

Soft tissue tip

Large soft tissue tip

Spatula Tip

Bone Tip

Large Bone Tip

Saw Tip

Chisel Tip

Soft tissue tip / Large Soft Tissue Tip / Spatula Tip
: Cholecystectomy, Synechiotomy, Tumor removal...
Bone Tip / Large Bone Tip
: Hernia laminectomy, Nasal bone removal...
Saw Tip
: Craniotomy, bone plasty...
Chisel Tip
: Skull cutting, Vertebral cuttuing, Bone resection...

SUPERLIZER(For animal use) HP-5000A2 / LED Hyper

Superlizer Hyper5000A2

The Superlizer Hyper5000A2 is a phototherapeutic device which can perform spot irradiation at a high 5,000 mW level of power output in the near infrared (0.6 µm to 1.6 µm) wavelength band, which is the light range with the greatest living depth proficiency.
It results in a comfortable warm sensation unlike that created by conventional low power lasers, and provides comfortable, safe, painless treatment which is largely free of side effects and complications. The main body of the device has a space-saving compact design, and is also simple to operate. Currently, the Superlizer Hyper5000A2 is widely used for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases, skeletal and skin conditions, and neurological disorders.
In particular, since cancer is the top cause of death in pets, its treatment is of great importance, and the Superlizer Hyper5000A2 is highly appraised in this field.

Superlizer 2200Lite

The Superlizer LED Hyper is a successor model of the Hyper5000A2. Light source is LED. It is a phototherapeutic device that can perform spot irradiation and wide range irradiation at a high 5,000 mW level of power output with linearly polarized light in the near infrared wavelength band (600nm~900nm).
Pad prove of new product can perform more wide range irradiation by Blue visible light (400nm~540nm) and Red visible light (800nm~900nm) and Near infrared (800nm~900nm) also can make 3 kinds mixing at a high 5,000mW level of power. which is the light range with the greatest living depth proficiency.
This device provides a comfortable warm sensation and has a strong therapeutic effect on various diseases, such as skeletal and skin conditions, and autonomic nervous and digestive system disorders. Since the device causes no pain, it is ideal for the treatment of delicate for the animals.

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The Superlizer LED Hyper and Hyper5000A2 are currently very popular, and are used at many animal hospitals.

Sales network

Sales network

Our products are currently exported to 9 countries, and we have received many positive feedback from each country for the performance and the effectiveness of our products.
Currently, we are exporting our medical devices for humans to China,
South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.
We are also exporting our veterinary medical devices to the USA, South Korea and Taiwan.
We have exclusive distributors in the above countries, and we sell our products to medical institutions through them.
In the future, we would like to export our products to even more countries and promote our products all over the world.

Tokyoiken company overview

Tokyoiken company overview

Since its founding in 1977 as a manufacturer of physical therapy devices, Tokyoiken has conducted pioneering research on the role of light in medicine. Tokyoiken has drawn on this research to create proprietary technologies capable of meeting rapidly changing needs in the medical industry.
These efforts yielded spectacular results with the introduction of our Superlizer device. Since the first unit was shipped in 1989, the Superlizer has earned a strong reputation among medical practitioners.

Today, as a manufacturer of physical therapy devices, Tokyoiken is meeting a wide range of medical needs, with a focus on delivering minimally invasive devices for treating pain.

Tokyoiken’s broad-ranging lineup includes Superlizer hototherapy devices and ultrasonic and interference therapy devices.
In the rapidly advancing field of veterinary care, where a high level of specialization and safety is required, practice has been evolving towards minimally invasive therapeutic techniues. Drawing on our expertise in this field gathered from human therapy, we developed our Superlizer veterinary devices and the SonoCure veterinary ultrasonic surgery device.



We aim to contribute to society through the development of medical devices specifically for pain.

Since its foundation, Tokyo Iken Co., Ltd. has launched a number of products related to pain centered on its mainstay infrared therapy device, Superlizer, and the company has fortunately received positive evaluations from everyone, allowing us to continue to present day. The target fields are expanding beyond humans to animals including pets, and the sales market is expanding not only in Japan, but also overseas.
In order to enjoy a better "wellness life" as society ages, it is necessary to control inseparable mental and physical "pain".
We will continue to conduct further research and provide even better products to make our small contribution to the development of medical care and society.
We would sincerely appreciate your continued support of Tokyo Iken Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Iken Co., Ltd. CEO, Masuo Kanda

Company Profile

Company name TOKYOIKEN.CO.,LTD
CEO Masuo Kanda
Type of business Medical device manufactured and sale
Year established 1984
Total employs 62( Jun,2020 )
Head office / Sales Department 1131-1,Inagi,Higashi-Naganuma,Tokyo, Japan

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